La Rodomontate di Capitan Spaventa


with Gaetano Coccia, Francesco O. De Santis, Antonella Parrella

dramaturgy Gaetano Coccia

mise-en-scene: Teatri 35

"Visse sulle nuvole - Amò sempre la terra - Salì nel firmamento.

Guardando il cielo sgombro, vi domanderete se davvero è esistito."

(He lived on the clouds, he always loved Earth and flew among the stars. Looking at the clear sky you’ll wonder if he had ever existed)


Stormy night. Scapino cooks up the story with his master, the Baron of Sigognac, and travels towards Paris. The first is looking for success, the other for his lost love, Isabella. 

Suddenly comes the wind and takes away the clouds, where our feet are firmly planted. Falling to the ground you discover you are living in a dream, but you wait for the next sirocco, north wind, grecale or good southwest wind to come back and fly in the sky. 

The performance, freely based on the story of Captain Fracasse written by Théophile Gautier, is a poetic journey that starting from Shakespeare reaches Rostand, Murolo, Tchaikovsky, Modugno and Chopin.